On the Move with Chris Barraza (Inland Empire 66ers)

We are excited to feature our first guest, Chris Barraza, in our 'On The Move with...' series where we get to know more about the people who use our Kicks Kase duffles. Chris is a right handed pitcher and plays for the Inland Empire 66ers in the Los Angeles Angels organization.

  1. How did you get into baseball?I’ve been brought up and surrounded by sports throughout my life. Especially baseball, I’ve been playing since I was 5, started from T-ball and continued throughout high school, college and now professionally!
  2. What are your other interests? A few of my hobbies and interests would have to be playing baseball of course, working out and collecting shoes. I’ve been buying and trading shoes for about 5 years now, my dad has always been a true sneakerhead and I fell in love from watching him buy and wear his sneakers.
  3. Where’s your favourite place you’ve travelled? My favorite place I’ve traveled to would have to be New York, the vibes there are immaculate as you will see fashion and sneaker stores on every corner. My favorite thing was walking down Times Square and seeing people pass by with Jordan’s and foamposites as when I went Jordan 1’s and foamposites were trending.
  4. Where do you want to travel next? The next place I would love to travel would have to be London or Amsterdam. I’ve always been a Huge Patta fan and my first joke shoe was the Patta Air Max 1 (White/ Pure Platinum).
  5. What’s inside your travel bag? When traveling I like to take about 2-3 neutral color shoes as my clothing attire is made up of neutral colors. I’m a huge vintage collector of tops and bottoms, so I bring about 2 carpenter pants, 2-3 lulu shorts for a casual look and a grey/black jacket. As far as tops I like to bring a few Harley Davidson shirts and 2-3 linen collared shirts.
  6. What’s next for you? This upcoming year I will be mainly in Arizona for baseball and seeing family. I have a few vacations lined up during the holidays.

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